Seafood platters and fishes restaurant the commercial port of Brest

  • Monday: 12h-14h / 19h-22h
  • Tuesday: 12h-14h / 19h-22h
  • Wednesday: 12h-14h / 19h-22h
  • Thursday: 12h-14h / 19h-22h
  • Friday: 12h-14h / 19h-22h30
  • Saturday: 12h-14h / 19h-22h30
  • Sunday: 12h-14h / 19h-22h

02 98 80 44 84

Set Menu seafood / fish at 19.50 €

On the program: shellfish, oysters, braised or grilled fish ... And of course, a refreshing dessert to conclude your tasting.


Starter/dish or dish/dessert


(only lunchtime from Monday to Friday)


Starter of the day
Freshly caught or harvested mussels in a cream sauce
Seafood platter from the market
(2 gigas oysters, winkles, whelks and shellfish)

Rockfish soup with roe

Six gigas Oysters from Abers


Braised Fishes with beurre nantais
Grilled fish of the day "à la Plancha"

Cod steack with garlic cream

Chicken breast in a cream sauce


Choice of ice-creams and sorbets
The Floating island

Carpaccio of pineapple

The verrine of the day



For meals of 10 people and more, please contact our waiters
that will help you compose your menu.