Seafood platters and fishes restaurant the commercial port of Brest

  • Monday: 12h to 14h - 19h to 22h
  • Tuesday: 12h to 14h - 19h to 22h
  • Wednesday: 12h to 14h - 19h to 22h
  • Thursday: 12h to 14h - 19h à 22h
  • Friday: 12h to 14h - 19h to 23h
  • Saturday: 12h to 14h - 19h to 23
  • Sunday: 12h to 14h - 19h to 22h

02 98 80 44 84

Set Menu seafood / fish at 20,20 €

On the program: shellfish, oysters, braised or grilled fish ... And of course, a refreshing dessert to conclude your tasting.


Starter of the day
Freshly caught or harvested mussels in a cream sauce
Shellfish platter from the market
(2 gigas oysters, winkles,dog clams,pink clams)


Braised Fish with Sauvignon sauce
Grilled fish fillets "à la Plancha"


Choice of ice-creams and sorbets
The Floating island



For meals of 10 people and more, please contact our waiters
that will help you compose your menu.