Seafood platters and fishes restaurant the commercial port of Brest

  • Monday: 12h to 14h - 19h to 22h
  • Tuesday: 12h to 14h - 19h to 22h
  • Wednesday: 12h to 14h - 19h to 22h
  • Thursday: 12h to 14h - 19h à 22h
  • Friday: 12h to 14h - 19h to 23h
  • Saturday: 12h to 14h - 19h to 23
  • Sunday: 12h to 14h - 19h to 22h

02 98 80 44 84

Tasting of seafood platters in Brest

Every day, La Maison de l’Océan proposes seafood platters ultra fresh, coming from our daily deliveries


To note: our seafood platters are accompanied with vinegar of shallots, lemon and mayonnaise.

Crab, oysters, langoustines, lobster……

Every seafood platter have a beautiful presentation to make your lunch or dinner a privileged moment


Discover our four suggestions of seafood platter

For all  seafood platters takeaway, order minimum one hour in advance on 02 98 80 44 84.