Seafood platters and fishes restaurant the commercial port of Brest

  • Monday: 12h-14h / 19h-22h
  • Tuesday: 12h-14h / 19h-22h
  • Wednesday: 12h-14h / 19h-22h
  • Thursday: 12h-14h / 19h-22h
  • Friday: 12h-14h / 19h-22h30
  • Saturday: 12h-14h / 19h-22h30
  • Sunday: 12h-14h / 19h-22h

02 98 80 44 84

Set Menu seafood / fish / meat at 46,50 €

Enjoy yourself with a program of choice: oysters, salmon, foie gras, scallops, grilled or braised fish, duck breast ...To finish on a delicious sweet note.


Seafood platter
Fresh salmon dish of the day
Salad of fresh foie gras, St Jacques with balsamic vinegar


Medley of fine fish grilled à la Plancha
Medley of fine fish, braised with Sauvignon Sauce
Pan-fried duck breast with green peppers sauce (from France)


Dessert of the day
The chocolate cake and vanilla ice cream
Gourmet coffee

The special ice cream