Seafood platters and fishes restaurant the commercial port of Brest

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Set Menu seafood / fish / meat at 34,80 €


Oysters, crabs, langoustines, scallops, salmon, fish, the seafood choucroute and even pan fried beef steack ... many possibilities offer to you in this setmenu which ends by a home-made dessert


Seafood platter (extra 4.20€)
Tasting platter of gigas and flat oysters from Abers (9 pieces)
The gratin of St Jacques with vegetables
Fresh "home-smoked"salmon

Boudeuses Oysters stuffed with vegetables


Medley of fine fish in Sauvignon
Roasted fish crusted
Seafood choucroute

Pan fried beef steak with green peppers sauces

(french beef)



Home made "Crème Brulée"
Chocolate cake with custard
The fluffy of the day
Coupe Melba of the day


For meals of 10 people and more, please contact our waiters
that will help you compose your menu.